I can't get the Reel LiveWell App to download or open on my Android Device.

If you are having an issue getting the Reel LiveWell App to download or open on your Android device, please try clearing your cache. Please reference this link if you have further questions: https://www.androidcentral.com/how-and-when-clear-app-cache-or-data-android

I did not receive a text message with my PIN number.

Please be sure that you entered a valid mobile phone number and you have not opted out of third-party texts via your cell phone provider.

The event I’m fishing is not showing up in the correct tab on the bottom of the App.

If you do NOT see the event you are registered for, you may need to open and close your App to have it appear.

Do I need to create an account via the App?

No…if you are fishing an event using the Reel LiveWell App, your pin # will be texted to you once your tournament organizer uploads the tournament roster into the system.

What happens if I don’t have cell phone service or WIFI while competing in an event?

If you are in an area that has no cell service, or the connection is poor and your fish catch does NOT successfully go through, your fish catch entry will be in the system que for uploaded and a green number will be displayed next to the Number of records to be synced.  Once you are back in an area with good cell phone service, click on the Sync Pending Data button and your pending fish catch entries will be processed by the system.  THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOUR EVENT ENDS.

What happens if I enter in the wrong weight, or length in for my fish catch?

Please reach out directly to your tournament director and they’ll be able to make the edit.

How many people can be logged in under a pin number?

Only one device can be logged in via pin # at one time.

I’m unable to see an angler’s/team’s individual fish catch entries?

The tournament may have elected to now publish individual fish catch entries for their participants.