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Reel LiveWell

Designed in 2019 for the Classic Bass Champions Tour as a better alternative to other catch-record-release systems. The Reel LiveWell App took feedback from tournament directors, anglers, and fans on what they wanted and created a functional, easy-to-use, streamlined experience for all users.

Fully Customizable

What makes the Reel LiveWell App so unique is its completely customizable so no matter what kind of tournament you want to run. Run a tournament by length, weight, number of fish, and any species imaginable. All fish can count or set a limit and let the App automatically cull the smallest fish you’ve caught from your total.

The Reel LiveWell App also lets fans view real time results and fish photos from the event while anglers are on the water for the most immersive tournament App experience on the market.  

The Reel LiveWell was designed to make tournament fishing sustainable with a focus on conservation and fish care.

This is the future of tournament fishing, and we want you to be a part of it.

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